In ontwikkeling


Toen wij in 2012 het kantoor ontwierpen van Eleven was er een ruimte die voor de opdrachtgever niet ingedeeld hoefde te worden: de Hang Out. Er zou onder andere een tafelvoetbal komen te staan en de ruimte zou zich wel vullen. Na een tijd gebruik te maken van het kantoor bleek dat deze ruimte toch […]


This client we already knew; we designed his office Eleven in Rijswijk. He asked us to make an interior design for his private house in Leiden. A beautiful spacious house with a special layout with different levels. This layout is very nice but also brought some bottlenecks, such as bringing unity and peace in the […]


Max Models is one of the biggest model agencies in the Netherlands. They are located in Rotterdam at the beautiful characteristic Heemraadssingel. The property has plenty of charm with high ceilings with nice details, two large rooms with original sliding doors and the beautiful view over the canal. After several years it was time to […]


We schreven al eerder over dit leuke project van the Pure Family en toen was het even wat stiller. De opdrachtgevers waren in die tijd op zoek naar de perfecte locatie voor een volgend Pure Food Cafe. En die vonden ze in een prachtig historisch pandje, ooit een tinfabriekje, in ons vertrouwde Delft. Maar nu […]


Another addition to our ‘in progress’ section. This time about the nursery of the project in Delft.  We have made a design for a kidsroom for a little girl who really likes princesses now. We kept the base simple so the room fits her needs for the years to come. The client doesn’t likes it […]


We wrote earlier about this project and shared the presentation of the ground floor of this house. We continue with the presentation that we have made for the master bedroom. Our client loves simple minimalistic and practical interiors but in such a way that it is not cold, boring or uncomfortable. The bedroom design complies fully […]


Our client is a teenager whose parents we have previously supported in the design of their bedroom. He moved to the larger room in the house where he will spend the last years living at home with his parents. It is a special room in the basement. He asked us if we could make a […]


Our clients are expats and after having traveled a lot, they bought a house in Delft, the Netherlands. Here they will continue to live as a family with two children. They have experienced many living situations and knew very well what they wanted to achieve their dream home. Or rather, they were able to identify […]


Our clients live in a beautiful canal house with large garden on the Oude Delft in Delft, the Netherlands. Since they live there for a while now the paintwork was in need of renovation. That led to the question: what colours we will paint the walls? And are we still content about the interior? They […]


‘We miss something in this space’. That is something we hear often at the start of a project. That was also the case at this office project in Amsterdam. Our client has a office in a beautiful building on the Herengracht. The interior, like the existing desks, is fine and can easily be reused. The client […]